Urban Sprawl

I live in a small town called Finchville.  When we first moved here, I decided to drive into the town and check it out.  I got in my car and drove for a very long time, and finally came home defeated… I couldn’t find the town.  In reality, I had driven right through it.  Our … [Read more…]

Why I started this Website

I want your money!  Just kidding.  But seriously… send me money. Because I wish I had this website when I decided to become vegan I started this website because, like you, I wanted to be vegan.  And, like you, I went online to find out how.  And even though the internet is the end-all-be-all resource for … [Read more…]

Things you notice when you become Vegan

Since becoming vegan, it’s like my eyes have been opened.  Wow… way to sound horribly over-dramatic.  But it’s true!  Things I always took for granted and never gave a second thought are now blaring in my face All. The. Time. So much food contains dairy and eggs.  I don’t think I knew a single recipe … [Read more…]

Why I Became Vegan

There aren’t too many reasons people become vegan.  In fact, I can only think of two. To be more healthy. It is true that becoming vegan will automatically change your diet for the better.  So many processed foods are not vegan, that your alternatives become natural, whole foods.  Specifically, vegetables and fruit.  And while there … [Read more…]